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Magda Butnaru



Provide contract engineering services to companies seeking help with signal processing and real-time embedded projects.

Summary of qualifications



Technical   expertise


Independent DSP contractor with extensive experience in designing and implementing software for signal processing and real-time embedded applications. Emphasis on object oriented design, modularity, and optimizations for execution time and memory footprint.


C, C++, Matlab/Simulink, Assembly for TI and Analog Devices DSPs, Python, Fortran.


Code Composer Studio, Microsoft Visual C++, Matlab/Simulink, Visual DSP++, IAR, Keil, Eclipse, Altera Nios IDE and SDK, JTAG, EZ-ICE, Spectrum Digital and Analog Devices DSKs, ClearCase, AccuRev, Subversion, SourceSafe, CVS, git.


TMS320C6x, TMS320C5x, TMS320C3x, TMS32C28xx, TMS470, MSP430, Blackfin, ADSP-21xx, Microchip, ARM, NXP Kinetis.


DSP/BIOS, µC/OS (like MQX RTOS), GNU/Linux, UNIX, cygwin.


Technion, Haifa, Israel



Professional experience

March 7, 2016 June 30, 2016   Haemonetics         Braintree, MA   Designed, coded, checked and documented unit tests used to validate formal requirements for a plasma extraction device. The unit tests verified low-level driver requirements such as: ADC, TCP/IP, GPIOs, RTC, and system clocks, mid-level requirements such as: motor controllers and bowl optics, and high-level requirements such as: vein pressure estimation and monitoring. Used NXP Kinetis MCU, IAR IDE and µC/OS.

September 2014 February 2016  MTechnology       Saxonville, MA

Performed fault tree analysis studies to assess the reliability of 24/7 large data centers and hydraulic control systems used in offshore oil explorations. Used SAPHIRE, a probabilistic risk assessment tool developed at Idaho National Laboratory.

December 2014 October 2015 Sunrise Technologies Raynham, MA

Re-designed, implemented, tested and documented a lighting controller system running on MSP430 and ADE7753 Metering Chip Work focused on the controller's task scheduler, metering, light control, diagnostics and radio protocol features.

March 2014 July 2014   Adaptive Wireless Solutions   Hudson, MA

Project involved an industrial Central Controller (CC) connected to remote sensors via BLE and a WirelessHART network. Implemented, unit tested and documented a set of HART commands and responses meant to facilitate data exchanges between the controller and the HART network. Designed a Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) synchronization service between the HART network and the CC. Used open-source Quantum Leaps®, an event-driven, RTOS-like framework. The CC runs on a Silicon Labs MCU with Eclipse as development environment.


August 2013 October 2013 Onset Computer Corporation Bourne, MA

Designed, implemented in C, unit tested, and documented a Command Line Interface (CLI) module for supporting Hardware and QA departments in debugging and validation of a Bluetooth-controlled data logger. This device consists of Microchip and Nordic (ARM) processors that exchange data under the RS-232 protocol.

2011 - 2013        Bose Automotive Systems Division   Stow, MA

Responsible for the DSP development of a 20-channel amplifier from design to validation. Tasks included: formulation of requirements and software specifications, DSP block design, C coding on Blackfin DSP, integration into a custom-tailored platform and supporting micro control software, hardware, and testing engineers assigned to the project.


Optimized existing Blackfin DSP assembly routines and wrote scripts and programs for automated unit testing and benchmarking.


Designed, developed, and unit-tested DSP code (Blackfin) for amplifiers equipped with HDMI and analog only inputs.

2010 2011                  Azimuth Systems                              Acton, MA

Re-factored using C the existing TMS3206414-based channel emulation software into DSP/BIOS threads for optimal execution under real-time constraints.


Re-designed the logic on the DSPs side for interfacing to the systems FPGA.


Designed code to support dynamic communication channel emulation via user commands and controls. 

2009-2010                     Draeger Medical                            Andover, MA

Developed DSP software for a TMS320C55-based electrocardiogram instrument. Tasks included: sample scaling, decimation, and offset removal; PLL for clock synchronization; control of multi-channel data acquisition via EDMA and McBSPs; raw data uploading via a USB link; data analysis and filtering using Matlab.

2006-2009                     MTechnology                             Saxonville, MA

Developed DSP software for a TMS320F2808-based system for controlling a fuel-cell power plant.


Designed a multi-threaded, multi-processor modular platform to monitor the systems currents and voltages and implement the DC to AC conversion.


Coded signal processing blocks for monitoring amplitude and frequency deviations from the grid ranges specified by the IEEE 1547 Standard.


Developed CAN bus communication protocols and drivers for    ADC, A/D, I2C, SCI-UART, CAN, and PWM.


Incorporated a flash programmer and a boot loader in the application to facilitate remote software upgrades.

2005-2006                     Valeo Raytheon Systems               Hudson, NH

Developed software for an automotive blind spot detector on a TMS470 micro-controller and an ADI Blackfin BF531/3 DSP.


Wrote drivers for timers, interrupt based DMA transfers, and SPI-UART and SPORT ports.


Re-factored some of the communication and signal processing blocks.

2005                             Teledyne-Benthos              North Falmouth, MA

Developed multi-threaded DSP software for an underwater acoustics system using an Orsys board with a TMS320C6711 DSP.


Wrote the signal processing blocks to compute an objects bearings in relation to a directional transponder. Tasks included passband to baseband frequency conversions, cross-correlations, and optimal table searches.


2004 Texas Instruments Sensors&Controls (Sendata) Attleboro, MA

Developed multi-threaded software for a rotational equipment monitor comprising an Altera Nios SOPC and a TMS320C6713 DSP.


Wrote the HPI-based interface between the Nios and the TMSC6713 processors, the HPI-based boot loader for the DSP and the interrupt based data acquisition software using the processors EDMA core.

2004                             Zydacron-Scotty                       Manchester, NH

Re-factored the existing video processing code for a teleconferencing system running on a TMS320C64-based board.


Optimized the picture-in-picture (PIP) and RGB/422 format conversion modules for minimum execution time.


Debugged and improved the performance of legacy EDMA/QDMA video acquisition software.

2003                             Temptronic/inTEST Corporation      Sharon, MA

Designed a PID controller for temperature testing that ran on an Intel 86189-based Watlow board.


Implemented a tuning utility for selecting the PIDs Kp, Ki, and Kd based on the DUT (device under test) step response.

2002                             United Electronics Industries           Canton, MA

Designed and simulated a constrained Model Predictive Controller (MPC) for general purpose process control. Formulated the controller problem, derived the algorithm, and validated its implementation in Matlab.

2001               Virtual Ink (Newell Rubbermaid)            Charlestown, MA

Designed and implemented a lossless compression algorithm for storing the coordinates of a moving pen in DSP memory.


The compression code was written in ADSP-21xx Assembly; the decompression code was written in C++ for a PIC processor.

1999-2001       Delphi Communication Systems                Maynard, MA

Re-factored G.711 and GSM vocoder software provided by the ITU/ETSI standard body for reentrancy and optimum execution time.


Developed a Voice Activity Detector (VAD) and software modules for Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) and Substitution and Muting of Lost Frames per ETSI GSM FR standard.


Integrated a V.34 software modem into a customers existing telephony application.


Used C and Assembly on TMS320C62 and ADSP-21xx.

1999, 1991                    Eye Research Institute                    Boston, MA

Wrote C and Matlab code for investigating the eye sensitivity to contrast.


Developed software utilities for display instruments used by the    visually impaired.

1998 -1999                    Quintus Corporation (Avaya)             Acton, MA

Developed C code for telephony servers supporting Meridian, DMS100 and Aspect switches on Windows NT and UNIX platforms. Used Dialogics CT-Connect API.


Professional memberships

IEEE, IEEE Consultant Network, IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Women in Engineering.


English, French, Hebrew, Romanian.









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